Spa Massage Treatments

Reward your hard-working body for its efforts with your choice of a relaxing or invigorating massage treatment.

30 mins $65 | 60 mins $110 | 90 mins $155
unless otherwise stated

Tranquility Massage

Restore balance and unwind with a completely indulgent, all-over aromatherapy massage (or choose to focus on localised problem zones).

Deep and Heat Massage

This is ideal for those who prefer deep muscle work, or are challenged by high levels of daily stress. This treatment will melt away muscle tension, and re-energise a tired, aching body.

Indian Head Massage

This ancient form of head manipulation has been practiced in Asia for centuries, and is perfect for relieving tension in stressed-out workaholics.

Great addition to any facial!
Add to facial | 10 minutes

Pregnancy Massage

This gentle, relaxing massage is perfectly safe for expectant mothers, providing welcome relief from the unique stresses of pregnancy.

Hot Rock Massage

This beautiful treatment combines massage with hot stones. Heated stones are placed on your chakra points to absorb and gently release tension, stimulate circulation and promote detoxification, gently transporting you to a state of bliss.


Prices subject to change. Please confirm in store.